Computational Biophysics
and Materials Science Group
-Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Joint Workshop on

Disorder and Disordered Materials

Department of Physics and Materials Science, City University of Hong Kong
International Center of Quantum Materials, Peking University

The first joint workshop on Disorder and Disordered Materials will be held on January 25 to 26, 2016, at City University of Hong Kong. Disorder is ubiquitous and often strongly influences the properties of any material. For example, certain high-Tc superconducting states are found to emerge from the co-existence of charge-density-wave order and quenched disorder in those materials; a small change in oxygen stoichiometry in frustrated magnets such as pyrochlore materials may manifest itself as a rather appreciable magnetic response. Meanwhile, the glass forming ability of bulk metallic glasses may be substantially improved by microalloying, and lithium-ion batteries are made better when disorder is introduced into their electrodes. The underling physical mechanisms leading to these novel phenomena are subjects of intense research interest.

Disordered materials encompass glass, liquids, spin glass, quantum liquids, relaxor ferroelctrics, polymers, and bio systems. This workshop is intended to bring together physicists and material scientists to explore and address common problems in the effect of disorder and disordered materials. Topics to be covered in this workshop include, but are not limited to, liquids and glasses, spin liquids, spin glasses, their advanced characterizations and in-situ observations (including the CSNS instrumentations). In spite of the differences in materials, the underlying mechanisms could be the same or similar, and the different communities will benefit from each other through exchange of ideas and approaches. The workshop will highlight recent advances in fundamental understanding of disorder and disordered materials, through theory, computer modeling, and state-of-the-art characterizations.

Workshop Chairs

  • Xun-Li Wang & Ruirui Du

Organizing Committee

  • Xin Wang (AP, CityU)
  • Jun Fan (AP, CityU)
  • Limei Xu (ICQM, PKU)
  • Yuan Li (ICQM, PKU)

Invited speakers

  • Korad Samwer
  • Weihua Wang
  • Enge Wang
  • Xincheng Xie
  • Yingxia Wang
  • Junliang Sun
  • Maozhi Li
  • Lei Xu
  • Jinbo Yang
  • Yilong Han
  • Limei Xu
  • Yuen Li
  • Yue Zhao
  • Xin Wang
  • Jun Fan
  • Xun-Li Wang
  • Zhentao Xu